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The Top 8 Types of Expat in Thailand

Globetrotter   Many expats come to Thailand from their home country and then return home. However, there is a select group of expats that haven’t lived in their home country for a long time – and may not go back. Most have lived in several countries prior to coming to Thailand and always consider themselves […]

Top 5 Common International Health Insurance mistakes for Expats

When going overseas, expats often end up with either too much health coverage or more often too little. Limited health coverage that doesn’t provide enough cover, could mean you incur significant out-of-pocket medical expenses. There are a number of common mistakes Expats make when choosing health insurance.   1. Buying a cheap domestic policy   […]

The 5 Best Reasons for Expats to Retire in Cambodia

If you are looking for an affordable place to retire then Cambodia, has many attractions. Whether it’s the ancient culture and temples such as Angkor Wat or you are drawn by one of Asia’s most open economies, Cambodia continues to attract an increasing number of expats. It is little wonder that internationals visitors to Cambodia […]

The 5 Best Places for Expats to Live for in Thailand

Chiang Mai: Mountain Views and a Laid-Back Vibe Thailand’s second city, Chiang Mai still has a laid-back charm. Coupled with mountain views and a city steeped in culture, Chang Mai is a magnet for expats. Chiang Mai is the old capital of the Lanna Kingdom in Thailand’s North. Expats love exploring the old town inside […]

Pros and Cons of Being an Expatriate in Thailand

If you are thinking of moving to Thailand, then this country has benefits galore. Of course, not everything will be to your liking. But in this article, we will try to give you a taste of what the country has to offer, particularly if you are a European, North American or Australian/NZ Expat, thinking of […]