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For expats scouring the world for places to base themselves during and after the COVID pandemic, Thailand is a choice at the top of many lists. Before the COVID crisis Thailand was a top 10 world travel destination and must see for anyone vesting southeast Asia. And the country has built up a significant tourist infrastructure, much focussed on foreign tourists. Thailand closed its borders to international visitors on March 25, 2020, and has recorded over 4100 COVID cases and 60 deaths, although now local transmission has been virtually virus eradicated as of December 2020. In late 2020, much of the Thai Tourist industry is in deep trouble, as international visitors previously contributed around two-thirds of tourism income and have been restricted. Now the Thai Government is planning imitates in 2021 to reverse a slump in business and save up to 3.27 million jobs that Thailand Development Research Institute estimates are at risk.


Strict COVID procedures to keep the virus out of Thailand.


When choosing a place for long term to stay, the current COVID rate of infection is important but so is the likely chance of increase in the rate of infection of COVID 19. Thailand has managed to keep COVI infections close to Zero for several reasons.


Government Regulations. The Thai Government which is under the control of a military general has strict regulations to reduce the chance of a COVID recurrence.

  • Mask Wearing Culture – people in Thailand remember the devasting effect on the economy of the SARS virus back in the early 2000s. Now most Thais where masks


  • Effective Contact Tracing
  • World Class Health facilities


Thailand Special Tourist Visa


From October 2020 Thailand will have a special tourist visa program in place, where expats can enter Thailand and stay for a minimum of 90 days, which can be extended to 270 days. 

 At Expat Insurance Scanner we have been helping expats fin COVID-19 insurance policies throughout the pandemic. We help expats understand the entry requirements for them gain entry to Thailand.

According to the Thai Embassy in London, entrance to Thailand can be granted to



  • Officials of international organizations
  • Work permit holders, those travelling for business
  • Family members of Thai nationals
  • Medical tourists
  • Students enrolled full time at schools or university level
  • Certificate of Residence
  • Long Stay Visa Holders (Non-Immigrant O-A/O-X)
  • Elite card holders
  • Property owners in Thailand
  • Single-entry tourists


To enter Thailand Medical and Life insurance is mandatory. The insurance should adhere to the following requirements 

The two components of the insurance are:

Medical expenses: there should be coverage of at least US $100,000 to cover all COVID-19 expenses.

Life insurance compensation: The insurance should cover expenses relating to death, for a coverage of USD 100,000 to your beneficiary.


Currently there is a mandatory state 14-day quarantine is required, for all incoming expats an everyone entering the country. Further the expat needs to provide proof of payment of long-term stay, such as Hotel receipt, rental agreement for condominium etc.


Even with these procedure’s Thailand is proving to be a big attraction amongst expats for 2021. Restrictions are likely to get easier an may involve Proof of vaccination in 2021, as more countries get access to approve COVID vaccines. 


General information about the virus



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