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Cut Factory and Office Cleaning Costs by Over 60%

What is Aqueous Ozone?

Aqueous Ozone is the combination of plain tap water and ozone gas. CleanCore™’s Aqueous Ozone technology creates the cleaning industry’s most effective <strong>all natural</strong> cleaner.  Best of all it kills COVID 19.  CleanCore™ provides an on-demand, easy to use, no-rinse application to quickly clean surfaces and remove odors. Oxygen from the air is converted into Ozone and mixed with regular cold tap water to form Aqueous Ozone. When sprayed onto a surface, the Ozone is attracted to soils, germs, and other contaminants. Once attached to the soils, the Ozone eliminates them and then converts back to oxygen and water.

Aqueous OZONE

Clean Core Aqueous Ozone Cleaning Technology ensures a cost saving solution, with lower costs, no hazardous chemicals and it kills COVID 19

Replace Hazardous Chemicals

Aqueous Ozone replaces the typical hazardous chemicals used in cleaning

Labour Costs Saving

No need to clean up any chemical residue. This gives THB 144,000/year saving on a typical commercial premises with Clean Core Aqueous Ozone Cleaning Technology.

Environmentally Friendly

After Cleaning Aqueous ozone turns into oxygen and water. This ensures your premises are safe for your staff and your customers

Cleaning Technology that is Safer for Staff and Customers

When sprayed onto a surface the CleanCore™ Ozone Nanobubble solution is attracted to soils, germs and COVID 19; Once attached to the contaminants the ozone solution eliminates them; converting back to air and water. This creates a safer ,cleaner environment for your customers

Cut Chemical Usage by over 90%

Ensuring staff safety, is every companies first goal. In offices and Factories that are wide array of chmicals used for Aqueous Ozone can be used to wash and decontaminate all food items, and kill COVID 19. This process removes bacteria,viruses, pesticides and does not leave chemical traces behind. A by product of this process is that washed food stays fresh longer.


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