Health Insurance

Expat Insurance Scanner provides a selection of Health Insurance Options from leading Insurance providers. We are constantly scanning to bring you the best and most affordable deals. We work closely with the individual or family and give them Health Insurance solutions that fit their needs, in which ever country they are in. Our 24 Hour Hotline, ensures that which ever Health Insurance Policy you choose, you can have peace of mind that help is always at hand. Our network of hospitals, ensures you have choice in terms of standard and location

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Understanding Health Insurance

Our representatives can help  you understand  which health insurance private policy is best suited to supplement public care in the country you are in. We can help you unerstand howhealth insurance can best  work for you.  Building the right provate policy into any Expat benefits package you have is crucial to goive you the best value for money.

Types of Health Care Coverage

Choosing the type and level of benefits in a Health Insurance plan very much depends on an individual’s circumstances. The representatives at Expat Insurance Scanner are trained to tailor health insurance packages that can meet your specific needs and situation. Whether its Inpatient, Outpatient, Dental or Maternity, we can help you find an affordable solution that takes into account the country you are in and your personal circumstances.

COVID – 19 Cover

COVID-19 has disrupted travel and all parts of life the world over. Many countries have specific Health and Travel Insurance requirements that Expats have to meet before they are allowed entry into a country. Many VISAs require Expats to have Health Insurance that covers COVID – 19 treatment and hospitalisation. Expat Insurance Scanner helps Expats navigate the new rules that countries have introduced to cope with COVID-19. We give expats choices that take into account the rules of a country and also the circumstances of the individual expat or family.

Policies with Substantial Benefits

We ensure you have a choice of benefits including overnight hospital care, outpatient treatment, diagnostic tests, scans or aftercare. We have specialist private treatment when you need it, in a hosipital or clinic that is convenient to you. Policy coverage is typically over USD $100,000. Rest assured, we make sure you’ll get prompt access to the healthcare and expertise that suits your and your family’s situation.

Fast and Easy Application

Our 24 Hour Hotline ensures you can get help as soon as you need it. You can also get covered immediately.  Applying to get covered is easy, as it can be done online – simply and quickly. And once you apply, we will get straight back with a quote, where our Low Cost Premiums are as low as USD 120 per policy.