Travel Insurance

Expat Insurance Scanner provides a selection of Travel Insurance options from leading Insurance providers. Our 24-hour phone hotline gives you instant access to help in case of an accident during a trip. Our insurance gives you coverge including  disability, medical expense due to accident, murder and death. We are constantly scanning to bring you the best and most affordable deals. We listen to your needs and requirements and give you the best options for while considering your personal travel and health needs.

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Why buy Travel Insurance?

When you leave your home country, your health insurance in your home country, will often not cover you in another country. For instance for American Travellers, Medicare does not cover you abroad. Even in circumstances where your insurer from home does cover medical costs in a foreignn country, there is likely a costly deductible. Travelers are more susceptible to illnesses and more likely to befall accidents when they are in a foreign country,particularly one they are not familiar with. Travel Insurance can give you the peace of mind, to cover medical bills while travelling

What does Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel Insurance often covers 24 hour cover for medical evacuations, emergency medical assistance, emergency medical and hospital costs, Accommodation and travel expenses, Resumption of journey and much more. The repesentatives at Expat Insurance Scanner can help you find the best policy that suits your travel plans in the country you plan to visit


Does Travel Insurance Cover COVID – 19 ?

Some insurance providers cover COVID-19, some do so only partially and some do not cover COVID-19 at all.  It is best to use a policy that has “named coverage” for coronavirus. This means that the policy specifically lists COVID-19 as a being covered. Expat Insurance Scanner can help you navigate the different COVID – 19 policies so that you are given options that best suit your needs and the needs of your family.

Additional Benefits of Travel insurance

Some Travel Insurance policies focus on medical and evacuation benefits. However, there are some policies that cover additional travel rleated issues such as Loss of income, Credit Card fraud and replacement, Theft of cash, travellers cheques and travel documents, Luggage, personal effects and delays. At Expat Insurance Scanner we can help you find a policy that covers your needs and with the aim of keeping the premium is within your price range.

Fast and Easy Application

Our 24 Hour Hotline ensures you can get help as soon as you need it. You can also get covered immediately.  Applying to get covered is easy, as it can be done online – simply and quickly. And once you apply, we will get straight back with a quote, where our Low Cost Premiums start as low as USD 120 per policy.