The 5 Best Places for Expats to Live for in Thailand

Chiang Mai: Mountain Views and a Laid-Back Vibe

Thailand’s second city, Chiang Mai still has a laid-back charm. Coupled with mountain views and a city steeped in culture, Chang Mai is a magnet for expats. Chiang Mai is the old capital of the Lanna Kingdom in Thailand’s North. Expats love exploring the old town inside its ancient city walls, and winding. The old Thai culture and City’s easy-going coffee culture with a friendly vibe prove t0 be highly attractive to expat tourists and residents alike. Its supermarkets with western food, gyms, hospitals with English speaking doctors, and international schools provide an ideal infrastructure for the long-term Expat.

Koh Samui: A Tropical Island Paradise

Thailand’s second-largest island is a slow-paced haven, with beaches and bars, to spice up your stay. Koh Samui is an adventure island full of Expat pursuits such as exploring remote beaches by motorbike or sidling down to the old port, and take in the old-world charm of wooden houses. For an expat that wants the night life but also quiet beautiful escapes, then Koh Samui provides the best of both worlds. Although island life can be isolating and travelling to and from the island is expensive.

Bangkok: Modern, Bustling and Low Cost

Thailand’s capital Bangkok, is a modern metropolis which is loved by some expats and hated by others. With some of the Worlds top rated Hotels, a top Asian Finance centre, one of Asia’s Leading Conference destination, Bangkok will always attract business expats. Fall in love with the vibrancy, cheap and delicious street food, friendly locals or get put off with the all year-round humidity and stickiness. But for many the climate is bearable and westerners continue to be attracted to Bangkok by its American Style shopping malls, cinemas, galleries, libraries, bars, restaurants. Not to mention Bangkok’s World Class hospitals, that are medical tourist destinations in themselves.

Hua Hin: Seaside weekend Retreat

Only 3 hours drive, south of Bangkok, Hua Hin, is a popular destination for Thais and Expats at the weekend. In the 1920s, Thailand’s royal family built a summer palace on Hua Hin’s shore, which led to the Thai capital’s elite following suit, establishing vacation homes on the area’s wide, sandy beaches. Quiet during the weekday, this seaside city comes to life with the influx of Bangkok weekenders. Many old stately houses along the beachfront are now converted into chic restaurants, giving an old-world charm to nights out. A a high proportion of expats in Hua Hin are Scandinavian, particularly as Snowbirds, here just for the winter months, attracted by the Golf, Peaceful surroundings and Royal connection.

Phuket: A Pricey Beach Lifestyle with All the Amenities

Phuket is a modern, well-developed island, with World Class amenities including healthcare. There are Western shopping centers, bars, restaurants and the nightlife is great. Phuket Town, on the east of the island, is a Digital Nomad haven as there are fewer tourists than the coastal areas. But the culture is laid back with a historic Chinatown. But for those expats who prefer a faster night lfie then there is Patong. However, Transport is a problem in Phuket as Taxis are expensive and drivers are renowned for cheating. Some expats hire scooters, but the roads are dangerous and Thailand has a very poor road safety record. Certainly, before squeeze the throttle, make sure you have Expat Health Insurance for Thailand.

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