The Top 8 Types of Expat in Thailand



Many expats come to Thailand from their home country and then return home. However, there is a select group of expats that haven’t lived in their home country for a long time – and may not go back. Most have lived in several countries prior to coming to Thailand and always consider themselves as an expat in every country. Being worldly, they easily come and adapt to local cultures, they are rarely fazed by strange local customs — they feel they have seen it all before. 


Serial Whiner


Some expats just can’t accept that they are in a different country that has different customs, cultures, costs and ways of doing things. They seem to feel that anything different from the western way of doing things is ridiculous. They complain of the cost of anything, even when it costs much less than their home country. Every observation is accompanied with the words – This is Thailand




Their life is full of wonder and discovery. Everything is new and exciting and they can’t wait to try out new things.  Constantly exploring local culture and learning the local language (although usually badly). For them everything has potential and is worth trying. Nothing is an obstacle, just an opportunity for them to jump into. Often in their twenties, they haven’t lost faith in humanity and can still see the potential in everything. Seen traversing the local clubs, pubs and daytime culture


Gone Native


The expats’ journey has resulted in love, they have found their girl or guy and now call Thailand their home. These expats can be quickly identified as if you ask them why they chose Thailand they immediately mention ” I met this great girl/guy…..” Usually, the Gone Native Expat has been in Thailand for many years, taught English for a few years and some other popular Expat job that many expats easily qualify for. They will speak at least some Thai and love a lot of things about the country



The package tourist


This expat looks at Thailand through the lens of a large fish bowl. Everything is strange an exotic. Many things look unbelievable as if they are in a movie. They can’t speak any Thai and often complain that the local people don’t speak English. Takes them a while to realise that not everywhere is the same as their home country. Every day they see something shocking, which to the locals is just everyday life


English Teacher


From different walks of life and experiences, many expats teach English in Thailand. Teaching English is in high demand in Thailand because the English education in Thai schools is often poor quality. Native English speakers can easily get teaching jobs, that pay enough to survive although not thrive  

That’s one of the easiest jobs to come by for foreigners in Thailand. English Teachers get less in Thailand than many other Asian countries but are attracted to Thailand by the laid-back lifestyle, friendly locals and low cost of living.

Exercise Junky


Often expats that come to Thailand have brought a spouse or plus one With the Expat in full time work, the plus one finds themselves with too much time on their hands. Of course, this time needs to be filled. At first the spouse takes up exercise as a means to get fit. However, with so much time to be filled, exercise takes over the spouse’s life from early in the morning till late at night.  They are easy to spot in Bangkok, as they are heavily tanned and extremely fit. With goals to meet and best times to beat, the spouse has little time to meet their working husband or wife even when they are off work!





A western retirement income can stretch a lot further in Thailand than back in the US, UK etc. Hence tens of thousands of retirees have made Thailand their home. Often here for years, they know the language and have settled into the local culture. Although still hang with similar retiree expats. Not part of the party scene but are here to make the most of the climate and low cost of living 





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